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Episode 125: Side Chonk

On this episode our hosts dive into all the gaming news and announcements that have popped up over the past few months. What are they excited about? Is anything really meh? Grab your tuque (or your gubalini) because we are going to toboggan down this slalom of information at breakneck speeds! Also, FINAL FANTASY XVI HYPE!


Episode 124: Before the Squish

This week our hosts are joined by new friend and Legend of Zelda admirer, Croamias! Croamias is a former Fallout 76 Twitch streamer and fledgling podcast host. Hot takes, fun plagues, side projects, and ice cream were a few of the topics touched on in this lively episode! Croamias’ podcast is called Link Is Cute and the first episode features an extra special guest, Maelstrom Radio co-host – Shyntyrr!


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