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Episode 130: Stonks

Join Peter and Quinton as they look back at the tragicomedy that was our 2020 broadcasting year! They chat about the highs, the lows, and the episodes that just… didn’t. And Yes! They even talk about video games!

Thanks to everyone that stuck with us. We’ll be back in 2021 with more laughs, more cringes, more Chille, and maybe even some holesnake! In the meantime, be sure to follow our Twitch because there are more MR team gaming streams happening this year!

Episode 129: I Like A Little Meat Man

The PlayStation 5 AND the Xbox Series X are now available! Which systems did Peter and Quinton choose? 

Spoiler : Neither. 

What they DO have are thoughts and opinions. And to boot, they played through one of the launch title games – BUGSNAX, developed by Young Horses! Our hosts are joined by producer, @susan_sprinkle (who streamed the game on the MR Twitch while Flattus rode shotgun) and we all share our (sometimes nauseous) feelings.  

Also, will we ever get sick of that Bugsnax theme song?! 

Episode 128: Four Play

As the Shadowlands expansion approaches, Peter and Quinton talk about World of Warcraft and their varying degrees of satisfaction with it. But don’t worry, it’s not all WoW talk – Shyn and Flattus are starting a new dual streaming adventure! On Wednesday, November 4 (AND every Wednesday after that) and every other Sunday, they will be joined by Chille and Healzu to play through the 2012 first person shooter, Borderlands 2! Our hosts chat about the process that led to their decision on what to play next, and throw out some clues to what the future might bring!    

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