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Episode 109: Canady

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure is back with a Valentine’ special, hand crafted by the amazing SafestSephiroth! Peter & Quinton are joined by Safe as he narrates their journey to Canada.

Imagine: Shyn, Flattus, and Hole Snake team up to go on a Valentine’s Week adventure! (It’s like Valentine’s Day, but the party never stops, if ‘never’ means 7 days.) But what adventure will this be?

What entails is completely up to our live viewers! Check out at least 4 endings, with many more still unreleased!


Episode 108: Rainbow Arcade

This week we were thrilled to have Justin Moore (justin_nick on Twitch) on to talk about the new Twitch team Rainbow Arcade, the state of LGBTQIA+ on Twitch, and his passion around intersectionality.

Rainbow Arcade is a community of LGBTQIA+ Twitch streamers dedicated to build inclusive, welcoming communities in gaming and beyond. 🏳️‍🌈🎮


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