You find yourself hanging out near the Drowning Wench, when all of a sudden a daft Moogle Messenger happens upon you with a letter! You tell the moogle to scram, as it waited for some sort of tip.

Why wouldn’t you tip the moogle?! That’s rude of you! Anyway back to everything being about you…

The letter you is address to you and yet no sender… The letter reads:

Dear Friend,

We are throwing an All Saints Wake Party tonight! Come to the Haunted Manor and wear your best costume! It will be a Monster Mash and you might even get graveyard smashed! 😉


Come alone. (Not like you had a friend or significant other to go with anyway…loser)

Are you going to go?

  1. You go because you need to get out and getting drunk at the Drowning Wench is only so much fun.
  2. You get kicked out until you can pay your 950,000 gil tab… I won’t judge your habits…Okay I’m judging… You decide to go because parties mean free food and drink!

You go to your house and you dig through your retainers for the perfect costume, something really scary. What will it be?

  1. A Scary Wolf
  2. A Mangy Wolf
  3. A Wittle Cutie Wolfie OwO

It’s time for the party! You make your way to the Haunted House and, like a responsible person, you use your Linkshell app Chocobo Porter to get a Lift…You think it’s an Uber Idea…

You pull up to the house about 7 or 8 and you yell to the Bird, “KWAH smell you later”. You look at the mansion, and you’re finally here…

  1. Use the Spooky Door Knocker
  2. Go around back and slip in like you’ve been here and grab a drink
  3. Bust through the door and make a grand entrance!

You make your way in, and for an All Saints Wake party it seems rather dead. A butler shows up behind you…

“Hello guest…my name is RiffRaff… and time is fleeting!”

You think this guy is weird, but you roll with it. RiffRaff leads you to the Study where there are plenty of others in masks quietly sitting drinking cocktails.

You wish you had a drink right now…

You also realize there are some people you know here: The Wae Sisters, Scoot Patoot, Nanomo, Shyntyrr Zaurett, and Cypher Blackfyre. There are a few others you don’t know as well…

Thunder Crashes! You hear a voice!

“Welcome all to the Party! We shall have a night of frights and a murder!”

Thunder Crashes! You hear an Awoo. The lights go out and in the middle of the room a body mauled by some sort of animal…

  1. A gnarly Wolf
  2. A Wolfman
  3. El Hombre-lobo

By the looks of the cuts and bites you can tell it’s of a wolf! After everyone calms some, you yell with confidence!


Everyone looks at you and you can tell they are judging.

RiffRaff states that there is a murder in the house and everyone should split up and attempt to find this person! Eyes all look at you in your (use costume choice from above) and you smile and say:

Come on I couldn’t harm a fly!

You decide to not push buttons and let everyone pair off.

Who is your partner?

  1. RiffRaff
  2. The Widow
  3. The Professor

You and the (above choice) make your way upstairs. You try to make a joke about what a terrible time to dress as a (Insert choice from above).

Your partner glares at you. You decide making jokes isn’t help you here.

So you decide to check the upstairs rooms. Which room do you pick?

  1. The Master’s Bedroom (It’s where the safe words are used)
  2. The Ladies Bedroom (It’s where the magic happens)
  3. The Guest room (It’s where the tears happen)

You enter to the room (thunder crash and howl). You’re hiding behind a lamp.

Your safety buddy is near the fireplace. You are near the books. You think of all the stories you’ve read and you know that one of these needs to be a lever

  1. Pull all the books to search of a lever
  2. Ignore that idea and just search the room
  3. You know how cool you’d look if you found a great clue so you bust out your Official Hildibrand Certified School of Detective Work and start busting out clues… You find none…

Your buddy stares at you and leans on the fireplace. They hear a click and the fireplace moves open to show a secret path!

You follow the path. It’s dark. You get scared by a familiar sound… (AWOOO)

You look around your partner is gone! They split the PARTY! YOU NEVER SPLIT THE PARTY!

You keep following the path with your hand along the wall. You feel a hole big enough to squeeze your hand through…

  1. You put your hand and feel slime covered lever and pull
  2. You feel a crank and you get to cranking
  3. You feel what appears to be a snake. You pet the hole snake and you hear a click. You later think that was a really nice snake and you want a snake as a pet.

You end up in the Study with the dead body!

*Lightning crashes*

Everyone comes back into the room, sees you with the body, and that your safety buddy is missing. People are now ready to make their accusations!

The Wae Sisters:

Ebony: “It’s obvious who the werewolf is. It’s [the audience]!”
Tara: “Sister, perhaps we can get them to bite us.”
Ebony: “Good idea, Sister. Though that may prevent us from becoming vampires.”
Tara: “Hmm. Not worth it, then. Wolves are disgusting anyway.


I’m only dressed like a wolf…

Scoot Patoot:

If anyone coulda’ dun it it was you! I know a wolf when I see one.




I believe that which I see for myself. It is true that no others were around to see (his/her) demise. Yet here I find you: the only one present, and the sole individual capable of inflicting those wounds. Who else would the killer possibly be? It must be so!

You reply:



Excuse me… Maybe I can clear somethings up…

Everyone turns to see a Lupin in the doorway.

You see I called you all here. I thought a fun Murder Mystery Dinner would be a fun All Saints Wake event.

You say:

I see. I didn’t do a thing! I was trying to explain that to you the whole time….


I do apologize for that. Also your costume is very offensive to my people.


I’m sorry… It’s all I had really.


I don’t dress like your people… ANY WAY. I hope you all forgive me, there is still a party to be had. Food and drink are in the Ballroom!

So you enjoy the rest of your night. You have your fill of food and drink. You even got Lupin to be less mad about your costume…

You decide to walk home from here since it’s not that far.

It’s nice moonlit sky and sweet breeze. You hears something rustling in the bushes and shrug it off, but pick up the pace. You hear heavy breathing and starting running!

You can’t out run it! It’s too late!


Thriller Laugh

I know what you’re think what happened to Shyn and Cypher? Well…

The show is done and so it ends
The darkness falls across the lands
Where will our two hosts go?
Not even the demons know.
For they were there to face a hound from hell
With the help from you had a story to tell
For now the night closes in to bring its doom
Stay bundled up in your room
For this is a word of warning for you
Always fear the wolfs Awoo

Happy All Saints Wake!