This week, we dive into the MMO genre, and how it hasn’t had many recent changes. Many AAA studios haven’t been creating new content, or have focused heavily on nostalgia to entice players, but overall the market seems to be slowing down.

On the other hand, there are a number of up-and-coming indie developers creating niche games with smaller audiences. These new MMOs promise to bring a mix of innovative new features and a nostalgic feeling. Will they be successful? We certainly hope so!

Check out the episode for all our discussion! News, timestamps, and game links after the break.



00:00 Introduction
04:00 News (check timestamps)
18:00 Main Talking Point: MMOs: The Soft Reboot
26:00 Nostalgia: Really?
34:00 What’s up with all these indie developers?
49:48 Back to Basics
57:00 Final Thoughts

Games Discussed