After almost a year of solitude and reflection, we’re back! We did a light show this week, covering what happened to us in 2019, the games we enjoyed, and what we’re looking forward to in 2020!


  • We got an awesome new producer, @susan_sprinkle! Please give her a warm welcome!
  • The Pokemon Direct on January 9th revealed a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon remake, Sword and Shield expansion passes, and a couple cool new trainers. Pokemon Home deets coming next month too!
  • The now-infamous Escape from Tarkov had an interview where a “non” key employee belittled female soldiers and said they weren’t allowed in games of war. Creators of the game state it’s not their stance, but still not in their lore and it would take too much time to create them for their game. Boo!
  • Google Stadia’s player base has dropped by 50%. Yikes.
  • Platinum Games gained some capital from Tencent, allowing them to focus on producing their own games not under major publishers.
  • Sadly, Starcraft World Championships are being retired and will no longer be at Blizzcon. Blizzard will continue to help fund events at ESL and Dreamhack.
  • More future console rumours from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo!

Community News

  • Chille finally got his shiny Magikarp, Shiny Floppy! Thanks Salavec!
  • The FFXIV community raised over $10k in donations in 24 hours towards helping Australia this past weekend, thanks to the organizational efforts of @Ethysasher.
  • You can find out more about our community, over on our Discord!