We’re going though a lot together, and this week we wanted to sit down with the community for a check-in. How are you doing, how are you coping? Peter and Quinton talked with a couple community members – including the first official appearance of our producer Susan_Sprinkle!


  • PomCon, the fan run convention that celebrates all things Final Fantasy has been canceled.
  • Facebook is releasing a dedicated gaming app.
  • Out of left field XCOM getting a spinoff next week $10 entry.
  • Crysis Remastered another surprise. To bring Ray Tracing and higher resolutions. But can we run it?
  • Pope Simulator is a game… so if you have nothing to do you can be Pope.
  • PS4 is offering free games for its stay at home initiative. Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection and Journey a game both hosts adore.
  • Rockstar changes Crunch Culture as GTA 6 ramps up.
  • Henry Cavil (Star of The Witcher) is spending his lock down painting Warhammer figures.

Community News

  • Join Flattus’ World of Warcraft guild! Ysera server, horde faction. Friends of the show, Chille and Paul from MoogleGoRound, and upcoming MR guest Talan Broadbent are members!

Special Additions

Meowth900’s beautiful pup!