This week we have Talan of the Broadbent Broadcast join us to talk about streaming, D&D, donuts intersecting other donuts, and starting a podcast!


Community News

  • Peter, Quinton, and Susan played D&D, with Talan as the DM!
  • Peter’s WoW guild, War Party, is looking for more members. Make or move your horde character to the Ysera server and come play! Also with Talan!
  • Chille hosted another Animal Crossing game show event! Join your eccentric rich uncle on his island of opulence, Pen Island, on Tuesday, 05/19 4pm ET / 9pm Chille Time

Guest: Talan Broadbent

Twitch: @talan_broadbent
Twitter: @TalanBroadbent
YouTube: Broadbent Broadcast