In this episode our hosts chat with long time friends of the show, the hosts of the FFXIV podcast MoogleGoRound, Paulmetal and Chille! We try to discuss the upcoming MoogleGoRound episode 100 but Paul and Chille do their best to divert attention away from themselves. ACCEPT OUR LOVE!

Gaming News 

  • Microsoft is shutting down Mixer and partnering with Facebook Gaming
  • #TwitchBlackout happened on Wednesday, June 24, with mixed support Twitch releases a statement in regard to criticisms with equally mixed reactions
  • Dr Disrespect has been removed from Twitch

Community News  

  • For the month of June, Maelstrom Radio asked for folks on Twitch, Twitter, and Discord to donate to The Trevor Project. We’re matching the first $500 in donations!
  • A mysterious Twitter account has popped up on our radar. Who? What? Why? 

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