Maelstrom Radio started in 2016 as a podcast focused on Final Fantasy XIV. Co-hosts Peter (Flattus) and Quinton (Shyntyrr) discussed various topics happening in and around the FFXIV community, as well as more traditional recurring topics like the current set of patch notes. As the podcast grew, it became clear that focusing on FFXIV would limit the topics discussed, and in 2018 with Episode 100 announced a switch to a more general gaming podcast.

In 2019, both hosts took a break to focus on themselves. Maelstrom Radio has always been a strong proponent of mental health, and used this year to sort out a few things. Refreshed and rejuvenated, it returned in 2020 to kick off their New Game+.

Peter (Flattus)

Welcome Listener! I’m a content creator, and one of the hosts and resident streamer of Maelstrom Radio (the bearded one). I started with gaming in the 90’s, with NES and Atari and moved on to all facets of gaming later in life. I’ve played far too many MMO’s: World of Warcraft being my starting world. I’ll play anything, and although I lean towards Fantasy/RPGs, I will play shooters, puzzlers, and pretty much anything in between. I have far too many series to list, but some that I’ll mention are Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Tekken, Halo, and many more.

Outside of the show and gaming, you can catch me watching YouTube or movies, and I’m a manager by trade. I’ve studied game design in my spare time – more with MMO’s than regular games, and I try to bring that insight into the show.

Twitter: @Flattuss
Twitch: Flattuss
Discord: Flattus#6969
Steam: Flattus

Quinton (shyntyrr)

Hi! I’m a queer creator, and one of the hosts of Maelstrom Radio (the Canadian one – currently living in the US). I started in gaming in the late 90’s with Diablo, and have been dabbling in various MMO’s since 2003 with EverQuest. I mostly play Fantasy/RPG games, though I also like strategy/puzzles. My favourite series is Zelda (Breath of the Wild and Majora’s Mask being my top 2), but there aren’t any other series that I play together.

Outside of gaming, I’m also our resident anime watcher and full-time software developer. I don’t work in game development, but like providing some insight into the development process during our shows.

Twitter: @shyntyrr
Twitch: shyntyrr
Discord: shyntyrr#5060
Steam: shyntyrr


Hiya! I befriended Peter and Quinton through their Final Fantasy 14 free company, Domini de Umbra. Now I’m a producer for Maelstrom Radio! I lurk in the background and assist with show notes, Twitch chat moderation, and guest bookings. I look forward to MR’s future podcasts now that they’re not bound to just FFXIV talk! No genre is off limits!

Also, I love blobs and other creatures with dots for eyeballs. I don’t know what my natural hair color is.

Twitter: @susan_sprinkle
Discord: susan_sprinkle#0413

Special Thanks

Moosopp – Profile pictures 💙
MDK – Intro & Outro Music (Ep. 101 – current) (Press Start & Azalea)
themerrylark.com – Logo design
Benjamin Antony James – Intro Music (Ep. 1 – 101) (Final Fantasy XIV – Rise of the Tonberry King)
SewDough – Outro Music (Ep. 1 – 101) ([FFXIV]The Lost City Of Amdapor)