Episode 109: Canady


Choose-Your-Own-Adventure is back with a Valentine’ special, hand crafted by the amazing SafestSephiroth! Peter & Quinton are joined by Safe as he narrates their journey to Canada.

Imagine: Shyn, Flattus, and Hole Snake team up to go on a Valentine’s Week adventure! (It’s like Valentine’s Day, but the party never stops, if ‘never’ means 7 days.) But what adventure will this be?

What entails is completely up to our live viewers! Check out at least 4 endings, with many more still unreleased!


Halloween Choose your Own Adventure


You find yourself hanging out near the Drowning Wench, when all of a sudden a daft Moogle Messenger happens upon you with a letter! You tell the moogle to scram, as it waited for some sort of tip.

Why wouldn’t you tip the moogle?! That’s rude of you! Anyway back to everything being about you…

The letter you is address to you and yet no sender… The letter reads:

Dear Friend,

We are throwing an All Saints Wake Party tonight! Come to the Haunted Manor and wear your best costume! It will be a Monster Mash and you might even get graveyard smashed! 😉


Come alone. (Not like you had a friend or significant other to go with anyway…loser)

Are you going to go? (more…)