Maelstrom Radio Presents : Hear With Me Episode 3

On this episode of Hear With Me. Peter sits down with Paul Metal of Moogle Go Round to talk about his battle with depression over the last few years.
Paul can be heard on his show Moogle Go Round

Maelstrom Radio Presents : Hear With Me Episode 1

Welcome to Maelstrom Radio presents Hear With Me a series about the stories people want to share about their journeys with mental illness, trauma, and negative thoughts. We are not professionals nor are we a substitute for their professional diagnosis or treatments.
For information on treatment please visit
Episode 1 Features Dylan Thorne and Emi. Emi is a host of MuseCastFFXIV You can find them at

Episode 104: MM Old

This week, we dive into the MMO genre, and how it hasn’t had many recent changes. Many AAA studios haven’t been creating new content, or have focused heavily on nostalgia to entice players, but overall the market seems to be slowing down.

On the other hand, there are a number of up-and-coming indie developers creating niche games with smaller audiences. These new MMOs promise to bring a mix of innovative new features and a nostalgic feeling. Will they be successful? We certainly hope so!

Check out the episode for all our discussion! News, timestamps, and game links after the break.

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Episode 103: Year End Solo

Flattus was alone but some people stop by to say to chat. Shyn comes in at the end. We discuss some Atlas and more!
Music by: MDK Song Titles: Press Start & Azalea

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Watch live at

Episode 102: Esports Dad

This week Shyn is out of town. So Flattus invited his former co-host on EverCast, Tannlin to talk Esports and the team he works with Resurgence Esports Broadcasting.

Music by: MDK Song Titles: Press Start & Azalea Buy the song here: Free Download:…

Episode 101: New Maelstrom Radio

Shyn and Flattus reveal the new Maelstrom Radio and talk the future of the show!
New Logo By

Episode 100: Endings and Beginnings

This is it! Ascians prepare to bring their dark lord into this realm. and thus marking the death of Maelstrom Radio!

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