Episode 81: Lucky Sparrow

Shyn and Flattus interview The Lucky Sparrow Entertainment Troupe from Balmung!
Keep up with Lucky Sparrow here
Thanks to Dylan Thorne for helping Produce this episode!
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Episode 80: Cookies And Choirs

Shyn and Flattus have Wanderer Sabaku from A Stage Reborn to discuss the music behind their plays and the future of ASR!


  • New Optional Items (2000’s Hot Topic Edition) Angel and Demon
    • $18 USD per set
  • Patch 4.3 Site updated
    • New info on The Four Lords storyline
    • Custom Deliveries
    • Doman Reconstruction
    • Duty Finder Updates (Verminion & Chocobo races)

Patch 4.3 Trailer Released https://bit.ly/2jUbm8Z

Thanks to Dylan Thorne for helping organize this show!

Episode 73: Stinky Glitter Spot

Shyn and Flattus bring back an old favorite… The Choose Your Own Adventure!

Wonder what other shenanigans could have gone on? Check out the full transcript below! Continue reading “Episode 73: Stinky Glitter Spot”